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The New Zealand Fire Service Superannuation scheme is a defined contribution superannuation scheme, registered with the Financial Markets Authority and was established on 02 December 1987.

From 26 June 2007 the scheme has been approved as a Complying Superannuation Fund by the Financial Markets Authority in accordance with section 35 of the of the Superannuation Schemes Act 1989 which permits Trustees to accept contributions as if the scheme were a KiwiSaver scheme.

A Trust Deed sets out the requirements related to all aspects of the operation of the scheme.

There are seven Trustees, three appointed by the New Zealand Fire Service Commission, three appointed by the New Zealand Professional Firefighters Union and an independent Trustee appointed by these six Trustees.

The Trustees have developed and regularly update the scheme's Investment Policy and Objectives (SIPO).

The Trustees employ and contract various companies and individuals to carry out scheme administration, quarterly financial reporting, an annual audit, regular investment reporting, tax accounting, and get Investment and legal advice. They have also appointed a Secretary to the Trustees who coordinates these activities on their behalf.

At 31 December 2015 the scheme had 1860 members and assets totalling $ 371.95 million.


For more information please refer to the scheme's Investment Statement
e-mail the scheme on or by using the addresses on the Contacts page.